Built Up

Commercial roofing projects can use a variety of roofing materials. Built-up roof (BUR) membranes are composed of layers of asphalt bitumen which serve as the waterproofing component of the membrane. Bituminous membranes are installed by roofing contractors in multiple-ply configurations.

Three to six layers of bitumen are applied between layers (piles) of reinforcement, fiberglass ply sheets are used to compose the “built-up” membrane. The built-up roofing membrane surface is commonly covered with a layer of pea gravel set in a flood coat of bitumen or coated with an approved coating. Warranties can be offered up to 20 years. Built-up roofing is the oldest, proven roofing system used today. Advantages of built-up roofing are:

  • Long life expectancy
  • Tough, durable roof
  • High resistance to roof top traffic
  • Puncture Resistant

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