In addition to our commercial roofing and repair services, Academy Roofing provides in-house asbestos abatement and testing. By doing our own abatement, air monitoring and testing, we eliminate the need for coordination between the roofing contractor and the abatement company, which can sometimes leave a roof open to weather or cost the customer additional money.

What is Asbestos? Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was mined in several states until approximately 1998 and still is in other countries. Asbestos was used in commercial roofing as a binder to give products like shingles, felts, roof coatings and siding strength as well as fireproofing characteristics. Even today there are some products sold in big box stores that are made in other countries that can contain asbestos.

With accredited inspectors, certified supervisors and fully trained workers on staff, Academy Roofing’s in-house abatement company is a fully licensed, state-approved asbestos contractor.

The asbestos abatement service is available exclusively to Academy Roofing customers.

With 28 years of commercial roofing experience, Academy Roofing is your source for any new roof construction or commercial roof repair. Academy Roofing is always ready to help.